“By constructing well you become a good architect” ARISTOTLE

The way we work

For more than a decade Ezcurra e Ouzande arquitectura proposes a sustainable approach to architecture in its various fields of action, from urban design to interior and industrial design.

We design rigorously and consistently with our thinking. We use materials with clarity and honesty, we seek sustainable solutions both to construction and settlement. We pay attention to pre-existing constructions to improve their value. We take users into account, their needs and aspirations.

Each design is a challenge in the search for the best solution. Every project aims to find the accurate answer.

We understand that a good design comes from a completely integrated approach of each component: formal, functional and technical aspects. We provide wholly integrated design solutions, including engineering, interior design, furniture, landscaping, etc.

We review every project regularly during its development, from conception, through construction to completion.

Our multi-disciplinary team works together with the flexibility of a small study, which allows us a good communication and coordination among team members and clients. From our different specialities we provide all our knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to every project.

What we may do for you

Design development
Construction documents
Project management
Monitoring construction
Building surveys
Cost estimating
Structural engineering
Services engineering
Environmental engineering


Cristina Ouzande Lugo
ARCHITECT (MA of Architecture – Building speciality)
Senior managing partner

Cristina Ezcurra de la Iglesia
ARCHITECT (MA of Architecture – Urban speciality)
Senior managing partner

Julio Pedreira Rico

Antonio Blanes Mateo

Sandra Arcos Suárez
ARCHITECT (MA of Architecture – Design speciality)